Healing Inside

Becky and I backpacking with daughter Jesse and her family in Big Bend National Park
—just before the coronavirus really hit our country

For now, Becky and I are doing very well. Being confined to home, being super careful about restricting possible exposure—these are inconveniences. We are extremely blessed that we don’t have to work outside our home and are not in financial straits. Most importantly, so far the illness has not struck anyone in our family. (My heartfelt sympathies and cares if it has yours.)

The stress of not knowing what the future holds is harder to deal with. All indications seem to say things will get worse, possibly much worse. In addition, it’s hard to reach out and help others who have real needs when you’re self-quarantining (which I take seriously: Becky and I are both 70; she is also diabetic). So I feel helpless to really help.

How to handle all that?

For me:

            —Family: We stay in touch with our kids, families, and friends, by phone and computer (we’re having a family screen reunion on Zoom tomorrow). This is a great time to call folks, especially those who are on their own.

            —Faith: It’s a good time to focus on one’s spiritual walk, a very good time. My oldest daughter’s father-in-law reads the 23rd Psalm (“The Lord is my shepherd . . . “) every night and every morning. Wise man.

            —Getting Outside: I am super blessed to live near woods. I go out and watch this beautiful Spring birth every day. Of course, a garden is a perfect place for this. What a blessing to have one now.

            —Work on controlling my political feelings. I have opinions about how elected officials are handling this: we all do. I need to remind myself that getting angry over that helps nothing. It only hurts myself.

            —Work on GreenPrints: I am so, so blessed that my job is sharing heart, joy, comfort, humor, and love. Making the mag—my real garden—is a great comfort in my life.

Bless you. I pray for you. I pray you are finding comfort, in your garden and in your life.