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2013 Best Small Garden Magazine Award

What do you know? The Garden Writers Association, the official trade organization for North America’s garden media, did it again! They gave GreenPrints the Best Small Garden Magazine award for 2013. (We also won it in 2011–see below.) This is a great honor for our homespun quarterly. 24 years ago, it was just an offbeat idea I had—that people might really cherish a journal that shared the personal side of gardening (instead of one more how-to mag). The fact that it’s stayed alive so long—and now won awards—is a tribute to our perseverance, yes, but mainly acknowledgment that you all do want this magazine and are gracious enough to support it. My gratitude to GWA and to you cannot be overstated.

Speaking of gratitude, GreenPrints makes a great gift for all your gardening friends. Share joy, humor, love—and gardening—with them all year long! They’ll be most grateful (“What a wonderful present!”). And so will we. After all, I wouldn’t mind someday competing for the Best BIG Garden Magazine Award (grin!).

And here’s my write-up on the one we won before . . .



That’s Right: GreenPrints, “The Weeder’s Digest,” took home a Best Product award at the 2011 annual meeting of the Garden Writers Association. Our 20th Anniversary Issue won the Best Small Garden Magazine award! (“Small” means less than 100,000 circulation.) I tell people the judges looked at the issue and said to each other, “Pat’s been doing this for 20 years?! We’ll have to give him something!”

But who knows? Maybe they really did like it (grin)!

I am very grateful to the Garden Writers Association for the honor, absolutely. Most of all, though, I’m grateful that you like it: that so many loyal subscribers cherish, enjoy, and get what this quirky little hyacinth of the soul is all about. Bless you, all.