In the enchanting world of “Emily Greenleaf & Friends,” where tales of greenery and critters come to life, there is a special magic that extends beyond the pages of our StoryBook. We owe a debt of gratitude to the unsung heroes of our garden: the wiggly worms, the buzzing bees, the rustling leaves, and all the creatures that added their charm to our literary endeavor.

To the wise old oak tree standing sentinel over our garden, thank you for your quiet wisdom and the shade you provided when our pens were overheating. Your steadfast presence inspired us in countless ways.

To the bumbling bumblebees and delicate butterflies, your graceful dances among the blossoms lent an extra touch of elegance to our tales. Your ethereal beauty reminds us that magic can be found in the simplest of moments.

To the squirrels with their mischievous antics and the birds with their melodic songs, your playful presence brought a whimsical energy to our garden. Your daily performances never failed to entertain and inspire us.

To the patient earthworms toiling beneath the soil, your tireless efforts in the underground world enriched our stories with the essence of life and growth. Your humble work reminds us of the beauty in perseverance.

To the flowers that burst forth in a riot of colors and fragrances, thank you for your vibrant personalities that spoke to us and became characters in our tales. Your kaleidoscope of petals ignited our imaginations.

To the garden’s raindrops, sunbeams, and winds, your ever-changing moods set the stage for our stories, creating the perfect atmosphere for our characters to come alive. Your capricious nature kept us on our toes and inspired our creativity.

And last but not least, to the power of storytelling itself, for it is the force that brings dreams to life and weaves the threads of our shared imagination. Thank you for guiding our pens and allowing us to capture the spirit of our garden in these pages.

With all our hearts, we thank these silent collaborators, these enchanting denizens of our garden, for without them, “Emily Greenleaf & Friends” would not have been possible. Your presence and inspiration have filled our pages with laughter, wonder, and the spirit of adventure. We hope that, just as you have touched our lives, our stories will inspire others to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and the magic of storytelling.


With warmth and gratitude,
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Don Nicholas
Executive Publisher


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