Introducing our new Rooted in Love Story Collection

Tales of adults and children growing together.

If you’ve ever felt the earth beneath your fingers, watched a seedling stretch toward the sun, or shared a laugh over a tangled vine, then Rooted in Love is a collection tailor-made for your soul.

In this delightful anthology, we’re taken on a journey through the heartwarming, humorous, and sometimes downright hilarious tales of gardening and family. It’s a celebration of the timeless bond between generations, where the wisdom of our elders meets the curiosity of the young, all against the backdrop of gardens and farms.

From the rustling fields of “I Heard Corn Grow” to the cherished memories of “Nana’s Garden,” each story is a lovingly tended seed, ready to sprout in your imagination. And who could forget “The Great Tomato Fight of 1957”? A legendary tale that reminds us that sometimes, the best harvests come from a little friendly rivalry.

But beyond the laughter and nostalgia, Rooted in Love is a testament to the lessons learned beneath the open sky. It’s about patience, resilience, and the joy of watching something bloom, both in the soil and in our hearts.

So, dear GreenPrints Garden Club Member, if you’re ready to dig into a collection that celebrates the roots of who we are, click here to start reading Rooted in Love today. It’s not just a book—it’s a bouquet of stories waiting to be shared with someone you love.

Access Rooted in Love Story Collection right now.


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