Relax and Name Frogs

When you see cats walking up trees, it's time to dig the garden.

The first of February, my blood perks up like a coffeepot brewing because, down here in Texas, February 14th is Tater Time. The garden to me is a place to prepare the ground, grow fresh food, and relax. You win whether you profit or not.

When you begin to prepare the ground, you feel a weird relaxing transfer of power. You see dirt loosing and mixing. You see worms and frogs emerging, feeling the warmth of spring. You smell fresh air and new-turned ground, new grass and new-budding trees. When I see frogs breaking ground, I stop and watch. Whether it sounds crazy or not, I name them. This is mine, the place where I relax and communicate with God. I can feel it.

Let’s talk about relaxing a minute. Have you ever been so uptight that you saw cats walking up a tree instead of climbing? Don’t worry; it’s normal. Too much running, worrying, and not enough faith and belief. We are all “guilty as charged” of that failing. But when you’re out preparing the ground and you feel the surge of power, you also get messages that relax your mind, your body, your muscles. Each are separate and different.

Good Friday is over, so let’s grow a few more things. Ooh, the potatoes have been growing since February. They need sidedressing and setting by. Then plant some beans and peas. Then some sweet corn and sweet potato slips. Now a few sunflowers and other flowers to attract good bugs.


Here comes summer—well, look at that! The ground is cracking next to the early potatoes. Let’s just dig a few half-dollar potatoes to go with the English peas you got. Gravy, potatoes, and English peas christen the summer season. And, sure, add in some green onions and radishes and eggs. Then to really cap it off, enjoy some fresh coffee and biscuit, homemade, that is. Now settle back, rest, and feed.

Gardening. It takes away the tension and makes for really fine eating.


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