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Thursday, July 15th: I‘m beginning to close on this issue—and I’m having fun! I mean it. Putting this magazine together is a joy and a privilege. Picking the stories: choosing from so many wonderful pieces, trying to get just the right mix. Choosing the illustrators: selecting which of our wonderful artists will be the perfect person to draw each particular piece. Working together with them to get all the art figured out. Seeing their roughs. Getting the final art. (Opening final-art emails is like opening Christmas presents!) Putting the individual story layouts together. Lining up the best sequence of stories for the issue. That. Is. Fun.

And readers, I owe it to you. Over 11,000 of you have decided that, yes, a quirky little magazine of love and warmth, a magazine that shares the joys, the soul, the humor, and the heart of gardening (and life) in wonderful stories and beautiful art is a magazine worth getting.

And worth sharing. Hmmm, the Holiday gift season is coming up. Do you know someone who truly loves gardening? Wouldn’t they love GreenPrints?

Pat Stone, Editor


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