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By the time you get this issue, the weather should be cooling a bit and the new website will be live, which means you can go check out all the ways we’re bringing the GreenPrints back-issue archive to life online!

We’d love for you to start receiving the free GreenPrints Daily email newsletter by registering on the website. (Did I say “free?” Yes, indeed. A daily GreenPrints story in your inbox—for free!) You’ll also get free access to four GreenPrints Samplers containing some of our favorite gardening stories about humor, joy, healing, and animals in the garden.

Plus, in every issue of GreenPrints Daily, you’ll also get a sneak peek into the rest of the treasured online archive. That’s seven years’ worth (and growing) of digital back issues—and 12 specially curated GreenPrints Collections on even more topics like gardening romance, mishaps, history, science, gardening with kids, and more!

I am very grateful for my team (more about them on page 64) and for Pat and Becky and their decades of hard work creating GreenPrints. I’m also grateful to you, our loyal readers, for all your support. Kim Mateus photo I hope you love the website as much as we do, and that you’ll be pleased to hear that while Pat is still putting his magic touch on each new GP issue, he is most importantly spending more time with his family. Turn the page for an update from our founder!

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Kim Mateus
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