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Pat Talks Politics

One of the stories in this issue could possibly be read as having a political intent. It doesn’t, and it didn’t many months ago when I bought it. GREENPRINTS tries to stay away from politics. A garden is a sanctuary from worldly concerns; so therefore is this magazine.

But since someone (oh, right—I) brought up politics, let me say this:

I am deeply saddened by the combative atmosphere of our political culture today. I don’t blame the left wing for this. I don’t blame the right wing for this. Both seem equally eager to take offense and to give it. Both proclaim; neither listens.

So what should I, Pat, do? If I really believe that such behavior is wrong, that it is more important to love than to hate, then that is what I need to work on practicing. I need to show openness, compassion, and caring for people who have a viewpoint different from mine. So what is more important than trying to change their minds and hearts?

Changing my own.

The English writer and Christian G.K. Chesterton was once asked the question, “What’s wrong with the world?”

His response: “I am.”

That, dear reader, is your editor’s two bits about politics. Have a wonderful summer!

Pat Stone, Editor


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