At The Gate

Illustration by SHELLEY JACKSON

Gifts of Art

It won’t be long until the day you and yours will be exchanging presents. I hope every gift is shared and enjoyed with love.

But, as far as I’m concerned, you’re a little late: I’ve been open-ing gifts for weeks! From artists, no less—the wonderful illustrators whose talents grace this issue. There is no more pleasurable part of this job than opening the emails with finished GP art.

I mean, who could not be delighted by:

  • P. Savage’s Winter Cover
  • Heather Graham’s pot-bumping woman
  • Tim Foley’s rose-covered girl and snail-hunting man
  • Blanche Derby’s Arthur Miller and joy-seeking gardeners
  • Dena Seiferling’s cherry tomatoes and migrating toad
  • Nicole Tamarin’s and Kate O’Hara’s seed catalog visions
  • Hannah England’s dogs and Kerry Cesen’s fish
  • Marilynne Roach’s Tums tomatoes
  • Linda Cook Devona’s jackhammered morning glories
  • Christopher Reid’s prison gardener
  • Christa Chevalier’s Christmas tree
  • & Catherine Straus’s lovely “Cuttings” art.

Speaking of gifts, it’s not too late to take me up on my 5-for-4 offer (at left) and give your loved ones all of the above—and more! Happy Holidays!

Pat Stone, Editor


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