Gardening Humor

You can have your dad jokes. I’ll take gardening humor any day! 

What do sunflowers wear under their clothes? Sunderwear, of course! Fear not, most of the gardening humor here is way funnier than my jokes. In fact, gardening humor is often about looking back at our mistakes and finding the funny in our flower fails or the laugh in our lettuce patch.

But sometimes, gardening humor is about what we silly gardeners do that must look absolutely absurd to most normal people. Take, for example, wondering why on earth anyone would want to go get manicures? You’re just going to get your fingernails dirty again! Or there’s the story of planting plastic forks. 

Admittedly, even experienced gardeners wouldn’t be all that sure what Emily-Jane Hills Orford is up to when she plants 150 Plastic Forks. As most gardeners do, though, Emily-Jane has a very good reason for this seemingly strange behavior.

How about some gardening humor that mentions actual plants? Robert Christensen discovered gardening humor when he planted azaleas. Or rather, when he faced the decision of what to do with his azaleas that had stopped growing. Why? That was the question he asked everyone. Even his bus driver began including him in his pre-trip announcement: “No tobacco. No alcohol. No cell phones. And does anybody know why healthy azaleas would suddenly stop growing?”

Everything became clear one afternoon at a stoplight. Can you guess why his plants stopped growing? Read My No-Grow Azaleas to find out – and to learn what he did about it. Oh, by the way, don’t follow his example! 

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Feel free to stay a while and enjoy all the gardening humor we have to share below. And be sure to check out our Gardening Humor Freebie while you’re here, which features a hand-picked selection of our favorite stories from this category.

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