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What People Say

GreenPrints #77

What The Media Says About GreenPrints

“Full of great writing!”
Garden Design

“Keep this one on the bedside table!”

“The writing shines!”
Fine Gardening

“Forget about the weeds-you’ll want to sit on the patio with this one!”
Minneapolis Star Tribune

“You’ll laugh, cry, smile, and sigh. A great winter read to keep the spirits high.”
The Detroit News

“The best and funniest garden writing in the country . . . Anyone who can read ‘Sanguinaria’ in the Winter issue without getting goosebumps, well, they probably can’t get goosebumps.”
Dick Tracy
Sacramento Bee

“At the risk of being repetitive, please allow me to say again in this newspaper that the best and funniest writing about the peculiar art of gardening is in GreenPrints . . . any gardener who can read ‘The Way to Smoky Death’ in the Fall issue without laughing should probably take up a new hobby.”
Dick Tracy
Sacramento Bee

“Compost for the spirit!”
Raleigh News and Observer

“A great shot in the arm each time it comes!”
Gardening By Mail

“GreenPrints truly goes where no other garden publication dares to tread—and the result is pure gardening magic!”
Garden Cuttings


GreenPrints #74

What Readers Say About GreenPrints

“I can’t believe that I just read my first copy of GreenPrints. Where have I been?”
Marian Methner
Harrisburg, PA

“I promise you will treat each issue of this quarterly like a long-expected love letter.”
Lloyd D. Brace
Rosarie at Bayfield
Waldoboro, ME

“A new GreenPrints is like a new box of chocolates. You don’t know where to start-and you don’t want it to end.”
Debbie Jacques
Duxbury, MA

“The warmth jumps up off the pages.”
Jana Covacevich
Metairie, LA

“I can hardly wait to get it from my mailbox to my chair.”
Alice McBride
Carmel, CA

“You make me laugh-you make tears blur the moment. I love your magazine.”
Cara Winkler
Bowie, TX

“My husband and I were won over instantly.”
Shirley Cameron
Gainesville, FL

“The best of all possible gifts to fellow gardeners.”
Tasha Halbert
Grafton, MA


GreenPrints #73

“It’s 90o out. A hurricane is brewing. I’m a little down-GreenPrints arrives, I am myself again! How can one small, wonderful magazine work better than a pill? I don’t know, but it does. Keep up the good work!”
Constance McDonald
Centereach, NY

“Of all the magazines I receive in the mail, yours is the only one I pick up immediately and read from cover to cover. Excellent, different, heart-warming, sparkling with humor, and grounded in universal truth.”
Helen Hendrickson
Chardon, OH

“A breath of fresh air. A happiness. A treasure.”
Pamela Faith
Coeukr d’Arlene, ID

“At last someone cares.”
Susan Brown
Coral Gables, FL

“If I had to eat nothing but rice for three months, I would not go without my GreenPrints!”
Jane Watson
Novi, MI

“Before I subscribed, I was leery it could be as good as your customer quotes say it is. After? When I stumbled in the driveway, my nose stuck in your mag, I knew that I, too, was hooked!”
Jane Barnard
South Egremont, MA

“I was absolutely stunned. I have never enjoyed a magazine more!”
Joan Ader
Nine Mile Falls, WA

“My garden is in some ways my best friend; my garden magazines are my second best friend. I subscribe to several and most of them are read cover to cover on the day they come in the mail. Yours, however, is a pleasure I postpone. On those cold, snowy days in January and February here in Michigan, I’ll pull them out and read only one or two articles a day, trying to get them to pull me through the worst of the weather.”
Thomas Hoving
Grand Rapids, MI

“GreenPrints is my favorite bedside reading. Sometimes I can’t stop after just one article and finish the whole magazine in one evening. No sleeping, but lots of fun!”
Marjorie M. Mahan
Hamilton, MA


GreenPrints #72

“A delightful makes-me-feel happy magazine. If I could subscribe to only one gardening magazine, this would be it!”
Marie Wing
Camilles, NY

“I gave your magazine to my dad last Father’s Day. One of our last conversations before he died was about how tickled he was with GreenPrints. He read constantly, but was hard to buy for. I was thrilled that I had hit on the perfect gift for this man who loved growing things.”
Pamela J. Felster
Leawood, KS

“Your magazine is a garden for the eyes. . . It seems like an old friend coming to call.”
Wendy Belaski
Clarks Summit, PA

“A good book is like a garden carried in the pocket.’ That’s GreenPrints!”
Patsy Bell Hobson
Liberty, MO

“It makes my blood pressure drop.”
Pat Lamb
Landsdale, PA


GreenPrints #64

“At last, someone cares.”
Susan Brown
Coral Gables, FL

“Just as I was beginning to think that GreenPrints needed some serious stuff to balance its garden fun and wit, I discovered the pathos and heart of ‘Mandyberries’ by Jan Donaldson. It got to me in a place few garden stories ever touch.”
Gaines Steer
Chapel Hill, NC

“The pages bloom.”
Marianne Binetti
Syndicated Columnist, WA

“The GREATEST reading for gardeners that has ever been-or ever will be-published!”
Phil Cochran
Alpharetta, GA

“I was dubious when I heard it was not a how-to publication. But I like it so much I’m subscribing and ordering all back issues!”
Eddie Rhodes
Marietta, GA

“In recent years I’ve dreamed of a hybrid New Yorker/Horticulture publication. You did it! Here’s the magazine I’ve longed to read!”
Julie B. Scouten
Walker, MN


GreenPrints #48


“Our staff’s favorite magazine!”
Kent Whealy, Director
The Seed Savers Exchange

“I read a lot of nonfiction, and used to think that it took a lot of esoteric words, witty analogies, and sneaky puns to get a reader’s attention and acclaim. You stand out by the shear force of your humanity. Your writing and editing are consistent in their cathartic joie de vivre-like a naked ape doing somersaults!”
Ray Stewart
Amherst, OH

“I just received my first issue of GreenPrints and I wasn’t even completely through with it before I decided I needed each and every back issue! Your magazine is superlative, and a refreshing change from the “yuppie gardening digests” which crowd the news racks. It is definitely a real publication for real gardeners I’m delighted to have found it!”
Debi Lionetti
Stamford, CT

“I first got your flyer two years ago. I kept it in my studio that whole time, because I was rather leary that GreenPrints could be as good as all those customer quotes said it was. I finally sent it in and, yes, I was really impressed. But that day I stumbled in my driveway, nose stuck in your mag–then I knew that I was hooked! I stood right there in the driveway laughing, realizing that I, too, had become one of those readers who couldn’t wait to see what treasures a new GreenPrints held!”
Jane Ecclestone
Cedar, MI

“A hyacinth for the soul.”
Donna Reichmuth
Eden Prairie, MN

Those were some pretty special quotes, weren’t they? I’ve got lots more! (There’re as few more below–tee, hee!) Thousands of gardeners all across the country cherish GreenPrints. You will, too!

GreenPrints #58

“I was so touched when you started this little magazine 20 years ago because I thought everyone had forgotten what gardening is really about. But you remembered, and you kept reminding us all. Keep growing, Pat!”

Marianne Binetti
Enumclaw, WA

“In a world of text messages and their maddening truncation of English, it is so reassuring to know that the business of writing has a home in GreenPrints. Prose (poems, even!)—what a conceptin this day and age. Congrats, Pat, on enriching the garden world each and every issue.”
Bill Aldrich
Chicago, IL

“Last spring I lost my dad. He suffered a great deal. I had an even greater need than usual to fling myself into the garden to try to find some peace. GreenPrints also helped, because I had a huge stack of back issues to reread. The many stories that deal with how we can find healing in our gardens helped me tremendously. Thank you for helping me be a better, stronger person. GreenPrints is a seed, always bringing beauty to my life.”
Mamie B. Rock
New London, CT

“How could I ever do without my GreenPrints? Back in 2000 when I first discovered this treasure, I believed every magazine had to instruct rather than nourish. Now I read each issue with abandon, as if I were biting into a tomato fresh from the garden and allowing the juice to run down my fingers.”
Julie Bogguss
Charlotte, NC

“GreenPrints has been an important part of my life for almost 20 years. The inspiring, wonderful stories helped me cope through some tough years. It is a joy.”
Marie Wing
Camillus, NY

“This is my 20th anniversary with your magazine! Yours is the only publication I have subscribed to for that long (and I will continue to do so).
The first few years, I read each  new issue in one sitting. Now I savor a few stories a night, like a box of assorted chocolates.
Only, unlike with a box of candy, I can read each issue over and over—even years later!”

Carolyn Barkow
San Diego, CA


GreenPrints #82

Award: America’s Best Small Garden Magazine!



2013 Best Small Garden Magazine Award

What do you know? The Garden Writers Association, the official trade organization for North America’s garden media, did it again! They gave GreenPrints the Best Small Garden Magazine award for 2013. (We also won it in 2011–see below.) This is a great honor for our homespun quarterly. 24 years ago, it was just an offbeat idea I had—that people might really cherish a journal that shared the personal side of gardening (instead of one more how-to mag). The fact that it’s stayed alive so long—and now won awards—is a tribute to our perseverance, yes, but mainly acknowledgment that you all do want this magazine and are gracious enough to support it. My gratitude to GWA and to you cannot be overstated.

Speaking of gratitude, GreenPrints makes a great gift for all your gardening friends. Share joy, humor, love—and gardening—with them all year long! They’ll be most grateful (“What a wonderful present!”). And so will we. After all, I wouldn’t mind someday competing for the Best BIG Garden Magazine Award (grin!).

And here’s my write-up on the one we won before . . .


Award Photo
That’s Right: GreenPrints, “The Weeder’s Digest,” took home a Best Product award at the 2011 annual meeting of the Garden Writers Association. Our 20th Anniversary Issue won the Best Small Garden Magazine award! (“Small” means less than 100,000 circulation.) I tell people the judges looked at the issue and said to each other, “Pat’s been doing this for 20 years?! We’ll have to give him something!”

But who knows? Maybe they really did like it (grin)!

I am very grateful to the Garden Writers Association for the honor, absolutely. Most of all, though, I’m grateful that you like it: that so many loyal subscribers cherish, enjoy, and get what this quirky little hyacinth of the soul is all about. Bless you, all.

GWA award