The Magic of Gardening

25 joyous tales about people and their plants

Dear Gardener,

Welcome to our new story collection about the relationships that develop between gardens and the people who love them.

I am Don Nicholas, your humble guide to the enchanting world of green wonders and flourishing tales in our latest collection, “The Magic of Gardening.” As the Executive Publisher of the GreenPrints Garden Club, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the joyous and unbridled love that only those who find solace in the embrace of the soil can understand.

Within the pages of this anthology, we present to you 25 tales, carefully plucked from our extensive archive spanning over 30 years and boasting more than 2000 stories. Each narrative has been handpicked to evoke the purest emotions and induce an undeniable sense of joy in your heart. Picture yourself surrounded by kindred spirits, avid gardeners who have felt compelled to share the magic that unfolds amidst the leaves, petals, and earth.

Our collection is a testament to the deep connection between people and their plants. These stories transcend the mundane and delve into the extraordinary, celebrating the beauty of growth, the resilience of life, and the unspoken conversations between gardeners and their beloved green companions.

As you leaf through the tales that follow, you’ll encounter narratives as diverse as the flora they describe. From the heartfelt “Let Us Grow Lettuce” to the mysterious allure of “Garden Wall, Stone Roots,” each story is a vibrant brushstroke painting a larger portrait of the magic that unfolds in the garden.

Join me on this journey as we explore “The Old Rose,” witness the patience of “Waiting for Zinnias,” and revel in the nurturing embrace of “Mother Hen.” These are not just stories; they are snippets of life, captured in the delicate dance between hands and soil.

So, let the magic of gardening unfold before you—25 joyous tales waiting to be discovered. Allow the green prints of these stories to leave an indelible mark on your heart and inspire your own adventures in the world of leaves, buds, and blossoms.

Happy reading and may your gardens forever thrive!

Don Nicholas signature

Don Nicholas
Executive Publisher
GreenPrints Garden Club


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