Amber Kanuckel: From Walhonding, OH: “I am an accomplished ghostwriter (over 1,000 blog posts) and avid gardener (whose green thumb is often all too brown).”

Linda Clearwater: Lewes, DE’s Linda has been in the creation business for over thirty years—designing, illustrating, writing, and gardening.

Robert Wolfe: Benfield, TX’s Robert has gardened since he was a kid (“We had an enormous garden then“). His daughter Paula is now an interior designer with two sons and two grandchildren.

Sue Marra Byham: Westtown, PA’s Sue had “The Perfect Hammock” run in GP No. 97, “My Fairy Garden” in No. 65, and a song—“The 12 Days of Gardening”—in No. 64!

Dee Ann Grecu: From Noblesville, IN: “I was born with my hands in the dirt. Working the soil is in my DNA. It and writing are great pleasures for me.”

Ann Pedtke: Ann is an education consultant for nonprofits in New York City. Ann also had poems published in GP’s No. 62 & 72 when she was a teenager!

Rita Traut Kabeto: From Portland, OR: “I grew up in Germany in the 1950s. I took my first composition class in college (when I was 35!) and have been writing ever since.”

Johan Dahlberg: “I am an 18-year-old Swedish male who is living in Finland. I love to write. I also enjoy reading, sports, friends, and more.”

Rhonda Fleming Hayes: From Wayzata, MN: “I’ve never lived this far north. So far all I am growing is snow. I’ll adjust. I always do.”

Janny J. Johnson: Nowadays this Pacific Northwest writer is the mother of four and grandmother of three. She’s still weeding dandelions.

Thomas Sullivan: Seattle’s Thomas ( is the author of the essay collection So Much Time, So Little Change.

Buds Credits

“The Wonder” (p. 41) sent in by Linda R. Bell of Knoxvile, TN.
“The Mountain and I” (p. 67) sent in by Carol Lillevang of Vallejo, CA.
“He Who Sows Courtesy” (p. 81) sent in by Diana H. Toomoth of Neosho, MO.

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