Irene Onorato: Louisiana’s Irene, a radiation protection technician in the nuclear power industry, writes humor and romance novels, plants seeds, and pulls weeds.

Cathy Gilbert: From Renton, WA: “My husband and I have spent 20 years turning our horse-pasture yard into a peaceful garden oasis.”

Wayne K. Wilkins: From Birmingham, England: “After my grandfather died, his property went to people who don’t garden. When I walk by, I want to stop and ask if they want any work done out back.”

Benjamin vonBergen: “I’m currently the pastor of a small, rural church in Indiana. Gardening and freelance writing supplement my income.”

Kerry Seymour: From Reno, NV: “We’ve weathered our fourth summer of extreme drought. It’s amazing to see what continues to bloom and bear and what turns crispy and brown.”

Leslie Hanks: “I garden on a rocky ridge near the Arkansas River, where I compete with wildlife for my vegetables (coyotes actually seem to like melons!).

Marianne Willburn: You can read more of this award-winning writer at and in both last issue and GP #100!

Marcus A. Stricklin: From Rochester, NH: “I am a 35-year-old big kid who looooves movies and TV and rarely takes anything seriously.”

David A. Bainbridge: From San Diego, CA: “A pioneer on the sustainability trail, I have written on agriculture, agroforestery, ecological restoration, and energy issues for 44 years.”

Deborah Young: From Green Bay, WI: “Gardening has always been part of my life. I have vegetable, arbor, friendship, playhouse, memorial, gate, and other gardens!”

Derek Logan: A writer in L.A., Derek lives with ten potted plants and Rhubarb, his cat.

Buds Credits:

“Simple Affirmation” (p. 19) from Shelley Cramm’s God’s Word for Gardeners Bible.
“Flowers and Bugs” (p. 55) sent in by Gary Carter of Port Orford, OR.
“After Age Fifty” (p. 73) sent in by Nancy Sage of Oxford, PA.

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