Helen Wilbers: From Springfield, MO: “Growing up, I was forever swiping my mom’s GREENPRINTS before she could read them. Today I am a freelance science writer and mother of an ever-expanding family of succulents and cacti.”

Pamela Freundl Kirst: “I live with my teenage son and a feisty Border Terrier named Winston in Santa Monica, CA, where I practice as a clinical psychologist.”

Sarah Antill: “My partner and I live on 13 rainforested acres in subtropical eastern Australia. It’s been a steep learning curve, but a glorious change from my previous life as an industrial chemist. Here we grow a large part of what we eat—and, unintentionally, a large part of what the forest life eats.”

Jim Dronenburg: MD’s Jim, accountant by day and Irish harper by night, is a member of four garden clubs and never has enough time to do all the things that need to be done.

Dani Nichols: “I am a therapeutic horseback-riding instructor by day and a starving writer by night. I now find myself in Southern California, where I can grow tomatoes without worrying about frost or hail!”

Larry E. Lael: I mistyped Larry’s last name when I ran his “Nurseryman’s Lament” in the Spring issue. He wrote: “Far be it frome me to criticize, but I would apreciate it if you spell my name right this time. At age 78, I have given up trying to be rich, but I’d still like to be famous.”

Ferida Wolff: NJ’s Ferida is a widely published writer who also has a nature blog (

Amy Estoye: From Somerville, OH: “I continue to love and admire plants and gardens, albeit from a more sedentary standpoint. I am doing a little better, too—have actually pulled a few weeds this year. I was thrilled to do it!”

Peter R. Estes: From Los Angeles, CA: “I am a lawyer, screenwriter, job seeker, and balcony gardener.”

Sherrie Ann Peters: “I live in Gig Harbor, WA and have a small piece of land that keeps me happy growing vegetables, flowers, and grandkids.”

Kelly Austin: From Bangor, PA: “A budding horticultural therapist, I work with the elderly and disabled. My mother and I share a subscription—it has given us so much to talk about over the years.”


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