Barbara Baker: From Saratoga Springs, NY: “On my 70th birthday, I escaped from NYC and moved to upstate New York, where I have had the satisfaction of turning a piece of land into a garden.”

Lindsey Stell: Alas, I can find no information on this author, whose story I bought 13 years ago! My apologies!

Pamela J. Tinnin: Pamela and her husband have a commercial organic garden in Northern CA. Her “Food, Fire, and Community” appeared last issue.

Jeanne Knape: A Davenport, IA artist and writer, Jeanne grows annuals, perennials, vegetables, and “an exotic group of weeds.”

Lisa Romeo: NJ’s Lisa teaches writing, edits book manuscripts, and has been quite widely published.

Jim Dronenburg: MD’s Jim, accountant and Irish harpist, is a member of four garden clubs. His “Lining-Out Space” ran in GP No. 107.

Katie Bingham-Smith: A freelance writer and gardener, Katie lives in the backwoods of ME with three kids and two dogs. Her tender “Hydrangeas for Frank” ran in the Winter Issue.

Cathie Desjardins: “I am a lifelong teacher, learner, gardener, writer, reading specialist—and currently Poet Laureate of Arlington, MA.”

Iris E. May: Ulster, PA’s Iris sent in this story 18 years ago when I was working on Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul. It didn’t get in that book, but I’ve always loved it.

Susan Levines: “I am a native Floridian and single mother of two lovely young girls who refuse to pull weeds.”

Gregg Jones: From Union, MO: “My wife and I strive for balance between our full-time careers, maintaining our home, and learning to be new parents. But the baby easily wins.”

Millie Baker Ragosta: From Bellefonte, PA: “I helped my 11 bright kids with college expenses writing historical romances for Doubleday.”


Buds Credits

“Vegetable to Greatness” (p. 49) sent in by Donna Raymond of West Boyleston, MA. “A Garden is a Friend” (p. 65) sent in by M. Catherine Carroll of Palo Alto, CA.

Contribute your favorite garden quote to “Buds.” If we use it, we’ll give you a year’s subscription.


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