Mary McComsey: Mary is a college writing tutor and amateur gardener who’s lovingly creating a 1/8-acre nature habitat in Warminster, PA.

Ann Morrow: SD’s Ann spends entire paychecks at the greenhouse. Her three dogs, two cats, and ornery deer entertain and frustrate her.

Sienna Mae Heath: A Bethlehem, PA teacher, writer, and gardener, Sienna writes a nice blog at

David A. Bainbridge: From San Diego, CA: “A pioneer on the sustainability trail, I have written about agriculture, agroforestery, ecological restoration, and energy for 44 years.”

John Hershey: A CO lawyer who loves to garden, John has shared his garden wit and wisdom in 14 past issues!

Debbie Morris: From Coates, NC: “A doctor and college professor, I call my 19 acres Grandma Frog’s Farm. It is a haven for myself and my grandkids.” Debbie’s hysterical “Not My Day” ran in GP No. 112.

Holly S. Morrison: From Pownal, ME: “I argue with Japanese beetles in the morning and teach Scots Gaelic language classes at night.”

Marsha McGregor: Hudson, OH’s Marsha is a freelance writer and passionate gardener.

Marquetta Killgore: “My book 13 Years in a Wheelchair…but God tells how I was instantly healed of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, an ‘incurable,’ progessive condition.”

Susan P. Blevins: Houston’s Susan says, “I LOVE gardening. I hope I drop dead weeding! Or pruning. Or planting…”



“Gloom” (p. 59) sent in by Linda R. Bell of Knoxville, TN. “A Weed is a Plant” (p. 63) sent in by Carl “Papa” Palmer of Unversity Place, WA.


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