Janet Barr: From Hamburg, PA: “My Eden resembles something between an overgrown jungle and a charming English garden.”

Cathy Mania: From Frankfort, KY: “I am a retired math professor. My husband and I wrote A Forest’s Life and Woodpecker in the Backyard.”

Gary Carter: OR’s Gary has been a nurseryman for 35+ years. His poignant “Paradise Lost” ran in GP 112.

Eldie Wood: FL’s Eldie has published two children’s books, Wedge the Percheek and Wedge Returns. She also writes a humor blog, “Drinking Coffee with Mike.”

Susan P. Blevins: Houston’s Susan wrote about “the garden that filled me with dread” in GP 115.

Jan Canyon: from Keytesville, MO: “I am a gardener who still dreams too big. I intend to garden until I am planted!”

Kerry Seymour: Reno, NV’s Kerry—a retired Cooperative Extension Agent and Master Gardener—had stories in GP 101 & 106.

April Bryant: TN’s April is a commercial photographer and passionate gardener. You can see her exquisite photos at

Arlene Marquis: From Litchfield, NH: “The creation of Emily’s memory garden so many years ago renewed my life.”

Deborah S. White: From Jefferson City, MO: “I’m not much of a gardener really—but I do like putzing around in my flowerbeds!”

Cheryl Swayne: From Meriden, KS: “Semi-retired, I’ve transformed my yard to a permaculture farm to provide fresh food to the local food bank for free.”

Jodi-Lew Smith: “I work as a vegetable breeder, write historical novels, and lose money farming, all in northern Vermont.”

Judy Pellettieri: A retired NH elementary school principal, Judy enjoys gardening, doing pastel portraits, and traveling.

Buds Credits

“A Million Stars” sent in by Susan Sides of Fairview, NC. “Hope” sent in by Heather Black of Southgate, MI. “Plant Carrots” sent in by Neil Watson of Oshkosh, NE.

Contribute your favorite garden quote to“Buds.” If we use it, we’ll give you a year’s subscription.


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