C.J. Worby: C.J. is a firefighter in MN. He once planted a bunch of vegetables behind Station 1—then ended up working at other stations.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford: From North Gower, Ontario: “My garden (imperfect as it is) is as much a creation as my art and my writing.”

Katherine Sanders: North Merrick, NY’s Katherine is a copywriter and freelance writer who often writes for adoption publications.

Terilynn Mitchell: From Forestville, CA: “I’m a registered veterinary nurse with really poor boundaries.”

Ila Kunc: Omaha, NE’s Ila says, “A friend here at our retirement home challenged me to match his memoir writing…hence this story.”

Annette Ahrens: From Erie, PA: “It is my privilege to love a wonderful husband, four beautiful children, a baby grandson, and dear mother.”

Beth Surdut: Beth is a wildlife illustrator, storyteller, and environmental educator in Tucson, AZ.

Cynthia Pappas: Author of the memoir Homespun, Cynthia raises hay with her husband in rural OR.

Jan Canyon: Three in a row! Passionate MO gardener Jan had delightful stories in the last two issues as well.

Kathy L. Baumgarten: Kathy writes a praised (“a must-read”) column for NY’s Lake Champlain Weekly.

Cheryl L. Davison: “An unabashed romantic,” Florence, CO’s Cheryl has a special love for roses.

Alison Townsend: Rural WI’s Alison has won numerous awards for her poetry and essays.

Lew-Ellyn Hughes: From Greenville, ME: “I’m an award-winning columnist and author. I’m also a (definitely not award-winning) gardener.”

Mary McComsey: Warminster, PA’s Mary loves tutoring, writing, gardening, and—most of all—her grandkids.

Buds Credits

“Look Like Dirt” (p. 15) sent in by Diane Toomoth of Neosho, MO. “Perspiration” (p. 35) sent in by Marion Owen of Anchorage, AK. “Best Things in Life” (p. 73) also sent in by Marion Owen of Anchorage, AK.

Contribute your favorite garden quote to“Buds.” If we use it, we’ll give you a year’s subscription.


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