Susan Dashiell: Bloomfield, NJ’s Susan is a middle-school teacher who is happiest in her garden (and also enjoys writing and collaging).

Katrin Babb: From New Vienna, OH: “I have been a gardener since birth thanks to my mother’s love of flowers and my father’s love of tomatoes. My love is growing anything not suited for my zone.”

GKS Waller: “This essay explores how helping to prepare 4,000 rootstocks in the Spring of 2017 taught me more than how to grow roses; it reminded me that gardening is always an expression of possibility and hope.”

Janet Ruth: Janet is a poet and retired research ornithologist from New Mexico. Her garden does in-clude two peach trees, one of which is old enough to fill the freezer and jam jars every four years or so.

Katie Smith: A freelance writer and gardener, Katie lives in the backwoods of ME with three kids and two dogs. Her writing also ap-peared in GP Nos. 112, 114, and 117.

Jennifer Shneiderman: “I am a landlady and writer living in Los Angeles. My husband is on the front lines of the pandemic and my teenage son is in quarantine.”

Wolff Bowden: “I grew up in a Florida swamp in a house on stilts and began gardening in diapers. I’ve managed to survive for 20 years as a visual artist and musician. I’m the primary songwriter for the Winterlings on our four albums.”

Jessica Levey: “I’m a Seattle artist and author living in a small studio apartment. My young adult novel, The Quiet Realm, was published last year. You can see more of my work at”

David Hull: From Holley, NY: “I am a retired teacher who enjoys reading, writing, and, of course, gardening.”

Alma Barkman: From Winnipeg, Manitoba: “I bake, quilt, garden, and help Friend Hubby with his DIY projects (we built two houses in our ‘spare’ time).”

Mike Wilson: Central KY’s Mike has written for Appalachian Heritage, Solidago, The Seventh Wave, and other magazines. His debut poetry collection is Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic.

Marcie Rendon: From Minneapolis MN: “I’m a writer who should have been a farmer. I grew up in the Red River of the North and have a deep longing for that land and river.”

Ryan Stovall: Bangor, ME’s Ryan is a former Green Beret turned pas-sionate gardener and parent. His delightful “Caterpillar Babies” ran in our last issue.


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