Liz Rasley: TX-based Liz writes on the intersection of life, motherhood, errant planting sessions, and, sometimes, laundry. Her work appeared in Issues 124 and 127.

Stacy Hinz: “My flower garden is my private paradise,” says this WI gardener and writer. “My garden and I will always be a work in progress.”

Sandi Fischer: Sandi didn’t inherit her father’s green thumb, but she digs in the dirt for good stories from her home in SC. Her work appeared in Issue 117.

Sharon Moe Furl: Now retired—after gardens in WI, OH, IL, and TX—Sharon is currently learning about irrigation in her NM garden.

Andy Becker: An award-winning writer, gardener, and lifetime learner, Andy lives in Gig Harbor, WA, with his wife and their two dogs, Nova and Splash.

George M. Flynn: NJ-based George’s first GreenPrints story appeared in 1996—and his 13th story is published in this issue!

Mary B. Hofacker: Mary tends her Dayton, OH, city garden and enjoys cooking, baking, and sewing.

Jennifer D. Melville: FL mother-of-four, Jennifer tends a backyard orchard and writes about sustainable gardening.

Lori L. Rossbach: An English teacher and avid gardener on MD’s Eastern Shore, Lori composes real-life accounts of natural world experiences.

Constance Rutherford: From Holly, MI, published-book author Constance relates an amusing story from her grandmother’s life, as it was told to her.

Maggie Meehan: Maggie and her longtime friend Marge live and garden together in Hudson, MA. Her work has appeared in Issues 54, 119, 122, and 127.

Michele Bazan Reed: An Upstate-NY retired magazine editor, Michele fulfills her gardening urge by watching shoots sprout from onions in her pantry.

Marilyn G. Trowbridge: A newer subscriber to GreenPrints, Marilyn shares her mother’s story of sacrifice and perseverance in 1950s Hudson, NY.

Hannah Dougherty Campbell: PA-based gardener and freelance writer Hannah describes how the ordinary dandelion has touched her life.

Contributing Editors: VT’s Becky Rupp (91 issues) and PA’s Mike McGrath (88 issues) have been valuable mainstays of the magazine for decades.

Buds Credits

“If you are married …”
selected by the GreenPrints editorial staff
“Slowest of the performing arts.”
sent in by Constance Herrin of Fall Branch, TN.
“Like the musician …”
selected by the GreenPrints editorial staff

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