Barbara Kodner: A longtime writer from St. Louis, Barbara wrote a book of stories about octogenarians who had lived in the same country farmhouse as their parents. Her work appeared in GreenPrints Issue 130.

Ramona Scarborough: Hailing from Salem, Oregon, Ramona gardens and writes with her father as a guiding force. With six published books, she has won writing (and gardening) contests—and her work has been published in magazines.

Dave Bachman: Dave lives in California with his wife, Jay. He works with kindergartners and first-graders during the day and writes stories and poems at night. His work appeared in GreenPrints Issues 129, 131, and 132.

Arthur Snow: Arthur lives in Alexandria, Virginia, and has been a research chemist for 46 years. He is fascinated by the chemistry between people and plants.

Katarina Behrmann: Katarina is a storyteller who lives in Los Angeles with her cat, Chicken. She wrote a stage play that was produced off-Broadway and is a published poet, too.

Gloria Nixon-John: Gloria is a consultant, novelist, and poet. She lives in Oxford, Michigan, with her horses, dogs, cats, and husband, Mike. An avid gardener, Gloria also visits garage sales and thrift stores to hunt for treasures and talk to strangers.

Regular Contributing Editors: Pennsylvania’s Mike McGrath has been a valuable mainstay of the magazine for decades, contributing his unique perspectives and humor about gardening and life. Mike’s work has appeared in 90 GreenPrints issues!

Buds Credit

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”—quotation selected by the GreenPrints editorial staff.

Send your favorite garden quote to with “Buds” in the subject line. If we use it, you get a free year’s subscription!


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