Sally Gosen Case: Oregon-based Sally gardens and writes, specializing in poetry and nonfiction. She also writes a regular travel blog.

Dan Halterman: From Columbus, Ohio, Dan is a life-long composter and appreciates concentrating soil wealth from several continents in his garden’s soil. His work appeared in GreenPrints Issue 113.

Janet Wells: Janet and her husband share their log house with three cats in Carlton, Pennsylvania. After teaching and raising two children, Janet retired and now loves writing, quilting, and being outdoors.

Rebecca Chernow: From Everett, Washington, Rebecca is an artist, community activist, gardener, and mother of two. And now, being published in GreenPrints, she’s no longer an aspiring writer!

John Minnery: From Queensland, Australia, John is an urban planning academic. Now in retirement, he energizes himself with his creative writing and herb gardening.

Chuck Jutz: From Dundas, Minnesota, Chuck loves to share his stories of family, food, gardening, and life. His work appeared in GreenPrints Issue 122.

Regular Contributing Editors: Vermont’s Becky Rupp has been a valuable mainstay of the magazine for decades, contributing her insightful perspectives about gardening science and life. Becky’s work has appeared in 93 GreenPrints issues!

Buds Credit

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”—quotation selected by the GreenPrints editorial staff.

Send your favorite garden quote to with “Buds” in the subject line. If we use it, you get a free year’s subscription!


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