Lisa Brunette: Lisa Brunette’s writing career spans 30 years and includes journalism, app games, museum exhibits, novels, corporate histories, and most recently, her garden blog:

Kevin Topping: Kevin Topping is a retired sustainability professional whose garden is a place of peace for all creatures.

Jaci Hall: From San Jose, California: “My excuse? I live in a Eichler glass home where it’s hard to know where the garden ands and the house begins.” Her work appeared in GreenPrints Issues 33, 51, and 133.

Robert Loughran: Rob has been published in many national magazines including the October 1994 Fine Gardening where “The 118 Minute Bonsai” appeared.

Ginger Webb: Ginger lives with her husband, Ben, on a rocky hilltop where raspberries thrive but groundhogs don’t. Gardening is challenging for Ginger on a granite slab, but it’s impossible for a groundhog to raise a family there.

Lynnann Richards: Lynnann is a homeschooling mom, novelist, knitter, plant killer, and blogger. She lives in Florida with her husband, three children, and extended family of plants in every stage of thriving to dying.

Regular Contributing Editors: Vermont’s Becky Rupp has been a valuable mainstay of the magazine for decades, contributing her insightful perspectives about gardening science and life. Becky’s work has appeared in 94 GreenPrints issues!

Buds Credit

“There seems to be so much more Winter this year than we need …”—quotation selected by the GreenPrints editorial staff.

Send your favorite garden quote to with “Buds” in the subject line. If we use it, you get a free year’s subscription!


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