We Love Our Gardening Friends

Gardening friends are the best friends we could ask for.

One of the first gardening friends we had here at GreenPrints was Becky Rupp. She was in our very first issue way back in 1990, and she’s still with us as a contributing editor. Her scientific and historic knowledge about gardens is simply amazing and always entertaining. And who could forget Mike McGrath, whose humorous takes on gardening have given us laugh after laugh for decades!  And, of course, GreenPrints founders Pat Stone and his wife Becky know more than anybody how important gardening friends are.

Over the years, these editors and writers and so many others have brought the joy and healing power of gardening to more people than I think anyone could have imagined. And that garden continues to produce bountiful harvests of joy and happiness, as we were reminded recently by one of readers.

First, some background. As writers and publishers, it’s sometimes hard to know the impact your stories have on readers. We can look at data like how many people subscribe or what articles get the most traction. But unless we have the good fortune to get an email or a phone call, we don’t know that a story made you laugh or cry or decide to plant a rose bush.

So when we do hear from you, we take it to heart. And recently, our Business Manager, Deb Kelly, had a wonderful conversation with one of our readers who works at a homeless shelter.

This reader called Deb to order the new 100-issue bundle of GreenPrints, that includes the very first issue from 1990. In itself, that’s not unusual. What stood out, though, was that she wanted this bundle not for herself, but to share at the shelter. She relayed that many of the children there “love” the stories and the reading specialist uses the stories to help the kids with their reading and vocabulary.

I don’t mind telling you that we truly have the best gardening friends, and each and every one of you are part of that. I also don’t mind telling you that this story makes each moment at GreenPrints incredibly special. As Executive Publisher Don Nicholas noted, “I think we’re all privileged to work on a publication that so many of our members enjoy.”

I couldn’t agree more. For those children reading this, know that you have made an impact on us. And for all of us, never underestimate the healing power of a garden, whether that’s one flower or a field of herbs, vegetables, and fruit.

Gardens feed our bodies and our spirits. They teach us patience and perseverance. And when it comes to reading about gardens and gardening, here are some wise words from Pat Stone that opened that very first issue way back in 1990.

“Take all the time you wish. Leave your own chores behind (just for a while, it’s all right), relax, and do some armchair gardening.”

Thank You For Reading and Being Our Gardening Friends

Our archive spans over 30 years, and includes more than 130 magazine issues of GreenPrints. Pieces like these that turn stories of healing gardens into everyday life lessons always brighten up my day, and I hope this story does for you as well. Enjoy!

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What is your favorite thing about gardening? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

  • Donna S.

    I love gardening. Our first garden we had to give away tomatoes and watermelons.


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