Letters to GreenPrints

Thank you for such a wonderful, life-affirming magazine. Through difficult times (terrible illness, loss of a child, etc., etc.), your magazine has soothed, calmed, healed, tickled, and refreshed me. You and your work are just so special.
—Michelle Sherry, Staten Island, NY

I have been an avid reader of GREENPRINTS ever since my sister got me my first gift subscription many years ago. I confess that at first I was cynically suspicious of the humanistic, feel-good themes, but, of course, it was those hooks that kept drawing me in until I got to where I am today—reading every issue cover to cover.
—Michael Filas Westfield, MA

I call GREENPRINTS “the little magazine with the big heart.” It’s the most endearing publication in the U.S. I hope it continues forever.
—Gillian Davidson, Marysville, CA

I am 80 years old and never liked to read until GREENPRINTS. Now I can’t get enough. Putting the magazine down is hard.
—Birdie Garrett, Pentwater, MI

Life stops at my house when GREENPRINTS arrives. I don’t clean house, answer the phone or the doorbell, or talk to anyone until I have read every word (advertisements included). My family puts up with this because GREENPRINTS always puts me in a good mood for days.
—Debby Lang, Columbus, IN

I laugh, I cry, I carry around inside the gentle wisdoms which are portrayed there.
—Susan Elizabeth Clark, Teaticket, MA

My daughter gave me my first subscription in 2002 when my husband died. Now GP is the only magazine I subscribe to. We used to get at least 20!
—Gisela Parmelee, Guildord, CT


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