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I have had a GreenPrints subscription for several years and have also given a gift subscription. Both my husband and I read it cover to cover whenever it arrives. I usually read the whole edition immediately, while he spaces it out one story at a time. We just wanted to let you know that your recent Summer edition is the best one yet! We laughed and cried as the stories were really special. Great job!
—Sandra Pitcaithley, Fort Collins, CO

Oh MY! This is perfect for our garden club. Thank you from a longtime GreenPrints subscriber. I enjoy the stories you’re sharing with us electronically!
—Cathy Streett, Darien, IL

Thank you! GreenPrints is the BEST MAGAZINE EVER!! It’s like the finding a treasure whenever I read it. Artwork is amazing!
—Jo Glenn, Port Royal, PA

The “Death in the Garden” story in your Summer 2023 issue has some incorrect information, identifying the tomato hornworm as turning into a hummingbird moth. That is NOT correct. The tomato hornworm becomes a Five-spotted Hawkmoth, not a hummingbird moth. I recognize that you are not a science magazine, but when you publish a story about killing a particular insect it seems that there should be some fact-checking done first.
—Mary Gotsch, Newark, DE

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Mary Gotsch for her very keen eye! The “Death in the Garden” article has been updated to remove erroneous scientific references about what type of moth tomato hornworms become. We regret this error—please find the corrected story here.


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