Pat Stone Speaking Places &Topics


International Master Gardener’s Conference
American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta Conference
Mail-Order Gardeners Association Conference
Garden Writers of America Conference
Cleveland Botanic Garden
Longwood Gardens
Atlantic Botanical Garden
Disney World
Southeastern Flower Show
Chicago Flower & Garden Show
Rhode Island Flower Show
Davidson Horticultural Symposium
Maymont Horticultural Symposium (Virginia)
North Carolina Dental Society
Hinneman Dental Society
Dallas Arboretum
Ohio Master Gardeners Conference
Phipps Conservatory (Pittsburgh)
Gardening with the Experts (Arkansas)
Biltmore Estates (North Carolina)
The Delta Queen Riverboat Cruise
Connecticut Master Gardeners’ Conference
Tulsa, OK Garden Center
Mississippi Master Gardeners Conference
Callaway Gardens Winter Symposium

As Program Chair for one of the largest garden clubs in Florida, it’s my responsibility to be absolutely sure that all our speakers are top notch. Before engaging any proposed speaker, I check each and every reference – so thoroughly that I sometimes feel I have already met some speakers before I actually do. The people I contacted about Pat Stone could not stop raving about his program and stage presence. We were not disappointed. The members of the Boca Grande Garden Club were often moved to laughter and occasionally to tears during Pat’s one-hour presentation. Not one person could take her eyes off him-no one wanted to miss a single word or song. Pat Stone was by far the most engaging speaker we have ever had here. We have had many wonderful and knowledgeable speakers, but no one else has received the stand-up ovation that he did. We highly recommend him!” – Nora Lea Reefe, Program Chair, Boca Grande Garden Club, Boca Grande, FL.

Pat Stone’s storytelling and music brought 225 Indiana Master Gardeners to their feet and tears to their eyes. His warm and thoughtful performance is a bounty of humor and hope.” – Jo Ellen Myers Sharp, Speaker’s Committee, Indiana State MG Conference.

The Greatest Garden Stories Ever Told: An enrapturing performance of the most inspiring and heartwarming true garden stories ever told, based on Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soup and GreenPrints (“The Weeder’s Digest”). The Vietnam veteran who couldn’t talk to people – until he learned to talk to plants. The little boy who tried to grow…doughnuts! The Master Gardener who got a little too carried away. And much, much more (including-don’t tell your audience, it’s a surprise-music!).
Let Pat Stone, “The Garrison Keillor of Gardening” and our nation’s leading expert on the human side of gardening, have your audience rolling with laughter, touched by tears, and stirred by the most unique garden talk of all. This is the one that gets standing ovations!

Real Gardener’s True Confessions: An entrancing and hilarious performance sharing classic, true garden mistakes collected from dozens of soul-bearing gardeners (including some of the most prominent in the country!). It’s a wonderfully fun reminder of the reason he words humus and humbling have the same root.
Pat covers the three worst garden mistakes (the ones mentioned most often, and most mournfully, by 52 “dirt-sharing” gardeners from Florida to Alaska), the three mistakes that almost all of us have committed-and would do well to never repeat. The speech also shares the verbal equivalent of “American’s funniest home videos of gardening”-faux pas with limited practicality but unlimited hilarity.

The Most Important Garden Advice Ever Given: This one combines the three things gardeners should never do (above) the three most important things gardeners should. A grand mixture of practical advice and humor, culminating with an inspiring conclusion on gardening and life.

The First Rule of Weeding: Humor – and instruction – about weeds

You Have It to Share: Stories of the ways gardens bring us together

A Thing of Beauty and a Job Forever: The (very) funny side of gardening

Mothers and Gardening: The joy (and humor) of passing gardening on

What to Do About Animal Pests: Bambi’s cute, but….

Other: The nation’s expert on personal garden writing, Pat can tailor a talk to suit any topic from the wonder of trees to the best classic garden writing (or humor)!

If you want the usual, darkened-room, ‘Can I have the slides now?’ lecturer, don’t even consider Pat Stone. However, if you want a gifted performer who will delight, charm and have an audience crying and deeply laughing over his stories about the human side of gardening, Pat Stone is the best there is.” – Maureen Heffernan, Director of Public Programs, Cleveland Botanical Garden.