People Are Like Plants

People are like plants
I’ve been thinking
Some are big, bold and sassy
Like sunflowers, while others
Remind me of, well,
Violets a-shrinking

Some are like roses
Beautiful, well-structured and sweet
Others are smelly
Like the skunk plant, rue
Garlic, onions, the carrion plant
And overripe beets

Some people grow tall, straight and proud
Like the coastal redwood, hemlock or fir
While others are short and stout
Like the boxwood, or barrel cactus
Some are tame, and some are wild
Some become brazen, while others demure

A little love and care
For both, will go a long way
Some good food, some water
A good environment to grow in
A kind word now and then
Will make either one’s day

So now you know why people are a
Lot like plants, including you and I
But for one small atom
In the fabric of our lives
Our roles could easily be reversed
I could be a handsome rose, and my yellow mum?
Well, just another guy

This article was published originally in 2023, in GreenPrints Issue #136.


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