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Our newest publication is the beautiful, humorous, and inspiring Great Garden Quotes: A Coloring Book with Wit, Wisdom, and Heart.

Great Garden Quotes contains 69 beautiful pieces of black-and-white, 8″ x 10″ garden art, each accompanied by a perfect, matching garden quote. The drawings were created by 24 different artists and are perforated for easy removal and framing.

This gorgeous adult coloring book is 144 pages, and costs $14.95 plus $3.00 s&h from our website,, by phone (800-569-0602), or by mail (GreenPrints, P.O. Box 1355, Fairview, NC 28730).

Great Garden Quotes is the most beautiful, fun, and inspiring coloring book ever created,” claims GreenPrints Editor Stone. Why?

“First, because it’s about gardening—the most beautiful, fun, and inspiring outdoor activity of all (as every gardener knows.) And second, because the art and quotes in have been collected over 26 years! The art was created by an array of talented illustrators from all over North America and originally published in my magazine, GreenPrints, The Weeder’s Digest, the magazine that shares the personal side of gardening.

“I should confess (somewhat sheepishly) that Great Garden Quotes wasn’t originally my idea. Sure, I’ve been publishing remarkable black-and-white art in GreenPrints for over two-and-a-half decades. But I never thought of sharing it in a coloring book—not until a subscriber called in and said. ‘I’ve loved your magazine for years now. And after I read the stories, I color in every page!”

“Eureka! Great Garden Quotes was born! Well, conceived, really—it took quite a long labor to get this baby in print (grin!).”

For review copies, contact the Editor, Pat Stone at

Feel free to reprint the cover or any of the sample pages just below. (You can contact pat directly for art files if need be:

Thanks for helping people learn about this terrific collection, Great Garden Quotes!