Emily Dickinson's Gardening Life


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A fascinating, detailed look at the famous poet’s deep passion for gardening. Hardback.


Most of us know of Emily Dickinson as a famous—and reclusive—19th-century New England poet. Few know she was a lifelong passionate gardener. She sent nosegays to visitors she wouldn’t meet. She kept an herbarium filled with 424 pressed, classified, and labeled flowers. A niece described her garden as having “carpets of lily-of-the-valley and pansies, platoons of sweetpeas, hyacinths, enough in May to give all the bees of Summer dyspepsia. There were ribbons of peony hedges and drifts of daffodils in season, marigolds to distraction—a butterfly utopia.”

Now Marta McDowell, acclaimed author and former Gardener-in-Residence at the Emily Dickinson Museum, has shared Dickinson’s passion for gardening and its intimate connection to her poetry in her detailed and fascinating Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life. As McDowell puts it, “Looking out her window, [Emily Dickinson] stood witness to all the seasons in her garden, her ‘ribbons of the year.’ Whatever the month, her garden was inspiration for her poems. And her poems have proven perennial indeed.”

Hardback.   267 pages

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