GreenPrints #104, Winter 2015-16



“Nature Heals”, “The Stink Plant”, “The Flower Man of Sing Sing”, “How My Grandpa Got Locked in the Tool Shed”, “Potatoes on Mars”, “Raspberry Romance” … and much more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

  • Nature Heals Getting our senses put in order.
  • Nana’s Garden I can’t quit gardening—not yet.
  • My Private Microcosm Monarchs, milkweed, and me.
  • The Stink Plant The gift that really kept on giving.
  • Raspberry Romance Memories in a jar of jam.
  • The Flower Man of Sing Sing Prison One of the most remarkable garden stories of all.
  • In Love with Daphne The plant, not the movie character!
  • How My Grandpa Got Locked in the Tool Shed It wasn’t my fault!
  • Wells on Walls The history of our horticultural enclosures
  • Filching Fruit in France The sweetest fruit—and story—from great garden humorist Mike McGrath.
  • My Muse And the great gift she gave me.
  • “Oh, Cedar Tree” The Christmas I’ll never forget.
  • Potatoes on Mars What is the best survival food?
  • Growing Up with GreenPrints, V A story about YOU, our readers.

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