GreenPrints #105, Spring 2016



“Tinkerbell’s Tale”, “The Nurseryman’s Lament”, “The Tree Whisperer”, “Jesus a Gardener?”, “Our Tiller Travails”, “Daffodils—Humbug!”, “Kids and Gardening” … and much more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

  • Tinkerbell’s Tale A cat’s-eye view of gardening.
  • The Nurseryman’s Lament The customer is always right? Not allllways …
  • Why Bother? If you can’t garden well, why do it at all?
  • The Tree Whisperer How I learned to listen to plants.
  • Old Lady Hetch Don’t dig a garden right over an old septic tank!
  • Oh, Help—Hydrangea! A plant addict’s tale.
  • Jesus a Gardener? A message for Easter.
  • A Simple Sign Was I right—or just naive?
  • Kids and Gardening How do you get one interested in the other?
  • To the Celery in My Life A tale of love and patience.
  • No One Told the Iris Hope from a plant.
  • One Little, Two Little Dead Little Peach Trees Mike McGrath’s wonderful tragic-comic humor
  • April Showers And how they get here.
  • Too Much Moss I couldn’t get rid of it!
  • Our First Tiller And our last.
  • Daffodils? Bah, Humbug! You can have (some of) them!

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