GreenPrints #108, Winter 2016-17



“The Prison Garden”, “The Most Unforgettable Christmas Tree”, “Miracle in Pink”, “Chester the Toad”, “Snail Wars”, “Aim for Beauty” … and much, much more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

  • My Sprawling Cherry Tomato Plants Take one. Please!
  • The Most Unforgettable Christmas Tree Mom’s brave deed. In Dresden. In 1947.
  • My Garden Origin Story It started with a … tortoise?
  • The Old Rose Plain, wild—and unforgettable.
  • Wish Books When the sky is gray, the light level is low, and dispositions are grim …
  • King Roscoe, His Royal Hineyness And I, the lowly palace gardener.
  • Happy Ending What every gardener dreams of (but doesn’t always get).
  • Miracle in Pink A blessing from Mama.
  • Chester the Toad My amphibious little friend.
  • I’m a Peasant And I’m glad about it.
  • Turning Certainties To garden or not to garden?
  • Tomato Heartburn Mike McGrath does a good deed—-and (what do you know?) it works!
  • The Prison Garden And how it changed my life.
  • Snail Wars My face-off with a gastropod.
  • Aim for Beauty Even if you have to plant with jackhammers!
  • Sammy Gets Married! The third child of the GreenPrints family ties the knot.
  • After the Spring A 1983 garden essay by the famed American playwright.

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