GreenPrints #110, Summer 2017



The “Gardener’s August”, “Done in a Jiffy”, “No-Crow Go-Crow!”, “The Heart of the Garden”, “Wrestling with Rain Barrels” … and much, much more!



This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

  • The Gardener’s August From my all-time, absolute favorite, unbeatably best garden book …
  • Bernadette’s Spot The box turtle that loved our garden.
  • Done in a Jiffy This won’t take long. Of course not!
  • The World’s Most Expensive Flower $5000 a pound … wholesale?!
  • The No-Crow Go-Crow! The latest, greatest, must-have, pest-chasing garden gizmo!
  • My First Carrots “These aren’t carrot seeds! There’s just dirt in here! They aren’t even orange!”
  • A Walk in Good Company Finding solace—and gratitude.
  • The Visit How a garden broke the (very frozen) ice.
  • Hey! Who Threw Tomatoes at my Car??!!! Mike McGrath’s first-ever story for GreenPrints.
  • My Imperfect Garden Is like my imperfect self.
  • Wrestling with Rain Barrels If something can go wrong …
  • Finding a Garden When you truly need a little space in nature.
  • Two Women Gardeners-Writers Isak Dinesen and Colette
  • The Heart of the Garden Is family.

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