GreenPrints 040, Winter 1999-2000

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My Gardening Barbie, Why MEN Don't Garden, A Florid Affair, Dry Spell, Christmas Treasure, Birdfeeder Blow-Up . . . and much, much more!




barbieMy Gardening Barbie
Want to make a difference in a child’s life?
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

birdfeederThe Tale of the Birdfeeder
A parable. No, a saga. No, no, a tragedy.

life“Like a Watered Garden”
A theologian meditates on the connections
between gardening and Christ.

Dry Spell
A young girl, a little bird, and the ’99 drought.

men1Why Men Don’t Garden
Want to know why? I’ll tell you why.

A Waste of Time
What nongardeners don’t understand.

Dazzled by Daylilies
A plant with names as enchanting as its blooms.

fruitChristmas Treasure
Savoring a scarce and precious fruit.

Back Steps
And how they take me back through the year.

mcgHow Dry WAS It?
So dry the mice were hunchbacked (except in Mike McGrath’s garden)!

hopeWinter Bulbs, Spring Hope
On her knees, a gardener plants more
than tulips.

orchidA Florid Affair
Taking up with orchids.


. . . including . . .


Delicate snow-drop
with a thrust of purest steel
you pierce last year’s leaves.

—Rosemary Hyman

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