GreenPrints 042, Summer 2000

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Wilbo, the Mischievous Garden Dog, White Rose, To Prune or Not to Prune, Coaching Seedbirth, The Battle of the Plant Sale . . . and more!




peasShelling Peas

Some jobs take a long time—and that’s good.

grassI Can’t Grow Grass
So who cares? What’s the big deal? Why bother? I mean . . .

An Amish farmer watches clouds while plowing with horses.

Weed or Flower?
Which would I turn out to be?

bumblebeesLet Sleeping Bees Lie
Especially the ones lying in the cosmos.

bedAttack of the Runaway Waterbed
“Rolling, rolling, rolling toward the garden . . . ”

The Best of Who I Am
Of Breast Cancer and Gardening

Heating Up for Summer
The Secret? Got hotter than the weather!

deerkeyDeer Diary
Learning the truth about Bambi.

dreamsSweet Pea Dreams
On a moonless night, a small girl with a mission.

The Curious Affair of the Sunflower-Marigold Seeds
As Mike McGrath says, “It sure seemed like a good idea at the time.”

dawnSeize the Dawn
The promise of a new day.

Zen and Fire Ants
Coexisting with the orneriest insect pest of all.

waterA Brief History of Watering
For as long as there’ve been gardeners . . .


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