GreenPrints 053, Spring 2003

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A Congregation of Flowers, Turf War, Beside Therapy, The First Columbine, My Last Catalog, Funny Aunt Minnie, The Human Bumblebee . . . and much more!




flowersA Congregation of Flowers
Come—meet the members!

turfTurf Wars
The wife wins!
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

lilyWater Lily Sly
A wily son and a sneaky plant.

Bedside Therapy
Need a good weeding session?

catalogMy Last Catalog
I’m pitching them all out, starting . . . .

columbineThe First Columbine
An Iroquois legend. From the book Blossom Tales.

Walking with Caroline
Need a little motivation to get back into your garden?

Scents of Spring
Despite human efforts, the best perfumes
don’t come in a bottle.


The Depot Kids
A chance to bloom—that’s what they really needed.

Green Bean Beaning
Mike McGrath has another misadventure that started well (grin).

For John
A Chronic Alcoholic, a psychiatric nurse—and a garden.

hurlbertMr Hurlbert’s Protege
I learned a lot at my piano lessons
—just not about the piano.

Funny Aunt Minnie
And her funny, surprisingly practical, garden.

beeThe Human Bumblebee
Do plants make us grow them?
By Michael Pollan


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