GreenPrints #056, Winter 2003-04



“Lessons From Mom”, “The Two Kinds of People”, “Planty-Poo”, “Romancing the Seed”, “Seed-Starting on the Cheap” … and much more!

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This back issue of The Weeder’s Digest includes the following gardening stories and tales:

Lessons From Mom
The garden taught her—and us—about life.

The Two Kinds of People
Male & female? Black & white? Nope, it’s …

Gardening on the Go
Trying to garden when you have to keep moving.

What do you get when you mix an ex-Navy SEAL and a dying houseplant?

How I Became a Master Gardener
It wasn’t all easy, I can tell you that.

Kid Cactus
My little western plant friend.

The Amaryllis & the Pussycat
Another wonderful Mike McGrath misadventure.

The Last Amarylllis
A fire, a child, and a flower.

“Yes, Ma’am.”
Don’t mess with my garden.

Sherlock Jones and the Murder of Crows, Pt. II
The conclusion of a two-part avian myster.

Romancing the Seed
A cold winter day, a seed catalog, and …

The Prodigal Tomato
Mike McGrath’s love apple struggles.

Do we have to kill garden pests?

To You from Aunt Jean
What can a gardener give kids who have everything?

Seed-Starting on the Cheap
Yeah, right.

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