GreenPrints 057, Spring 2004

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God’s Little Paintbrush, The Undaunted Gopher, Broccoli-Loving Aliens, My Too-Neighborly Neighbor, Earthworms Gone Bad . . . and much more!




rabbitIt’s the Season
Losing the Rabbit War.

allotmentAfternoon on the Allotment
Will Old Bill ever let me get my work done?
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wrenClose Encounters of the Wren Kind
A magical moment in spring.

A matter of observation—and of art.

wifeAmericana at Large
A military wife learns about gardening—and life.

aliensI Went to Outer Space with Broccoli-Loving Aliens!
It was the least a gardener could do.

The Amaryllis & the Pussycat
Another wonderful Mike McGrath misadventure.

chasePlant These in Your Garden
In memory of Chase.

Floral Flirt
My favorite flower? Why, it’s . . . or is it . . . or . . . ?

gopherThe Undaunted Gopher
Pest, vermin, nuisance—today you meet your match!

I Love Spring!
You bet I do!

Earthworms Gone Bad
The dark side of the gardener’s best friend.

paintbrushGod’s Little Paintbrush
Tending a garden—and a three-year-old.

Gomer, the Garden Robot
Ever think it’d be nice to have a mechanican garden helper?
Think again.

sundialGarden Time
A sundial and a garden can take you where a watch never goes.


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