GreenPrints 062, Summer, 2005

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The Garden Stump(!), A Lousy Gardener’s Lament, Gardening a Heart, The Chemical Husband and the Organic Wife, My Peach Tree Foibles, Where Went My Hummingbirds? . . . and more!




bandageBandage of Love
Mending a broken heart.

What’s a native garden without a native stump?
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

glovesThe Queen’s Garden Gloves
Garden gloves are necessary—at times.

A Lousy Gardener’s Lament
Hey, it’s not my fault!
OK, OK, so it is.

To Peach? Or Not to Peach?
Another epic Mike McGrath misadventure.

awesomeAn Awesome Tree
The Tamukeyama’s spirit was just too strong to deny.

The Chemical Husband
& The Organic Wife
Will they get along?
Will it cause too much stife?

smokeStinking Smoke or Heavenly Prayer
Tobacco is a plant of more than one use.

The Gut and the Bat
Sometimes one comes with the other, you know.

groundGround of Being
My garden is/was/being/been/be beautiful.

teachableTeachable Moments
Giving my son an unexpected lesson.

pinksMom’s Pinks
Sometimes it’s the adult who blossoms late.

Give Me My Hummingbirds!
My neighbor has them and I want them back.

playingPlaying the Tomatoes
What my dad always knew.

The Return of Gomer
Part I: The Garden Wedding of Sherlock Jones.

Fleurette’s Cross
A sign on a summer’s night.


. . . including . . .

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

—Anais Nin

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