GreenPrints 066, Summer 2006

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A Landscape Gardener in New York City(!), My Pond of Perfection, The Truly Perfect Tomato Sandwich, Gardening in the Garbage . . . and more!




garbageGardening in the Garbage
As a teenage girl, I didn’t care for it.

pondMy Pond of Perfection
Filled with drab, pasty, utterly-beautiful-to-me fish.

Looking Up
Stargazing from the garden.

Feeling Miss Ivy
Mike McGrath gets a little too friendly
with the foliage.

perfect“Get Real, Dad!”
Is gardening completely crazy
… or sublimely sane?

The Great Zucchini Pickle
At last! Five ways to shed your extra squash.

sandwichThe Perfect Tomato Sandwich
The Holy Grail? Eternal Youth? Pshaw!
This is the real quest.

For Debbie, for Laura, for Woody
Praying while weeding.

bloomBeauty or Beast?
What makes a bloom desired . . . or detested?

rhubarbA Rhubarb Over Rhubarb
Why should I have to can sauce for him?

God’s Staff
Where else could it have come from?

Night Shift at the Plant Hospital
It’s honest work, but it ain’t always easy.

landscapeA Landscape Gardener
In New York City.


. . . including . . .

Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up
in a single day.

—Robert Lintor

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