GreenPrints 067, Autumn 2006

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Carrots Overnight, The Garden Cat, The Garden Dog, Growing Home, Looking for Dad, Thoughts on Diaries, A Real Beer Garden . . . and more!




carrotsCarrots Overnight
Who can argue with the faith of a four-year-old?
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They were a pain. I was in pain.
When they could breathe again, so could I.

gardencatThe Garden Cat
A perfect pet—who kept falling off the roof!

The Beer Garden
At last! A plot a man can love.

Thoughts on Diaries
Notes on gardening. Words on life.

mcgrathToo Much Compost?!
Mike McGrath and The Misadventure of Mushroom Mountain.

The Box Hedges
Sometimes a loss leads to a gain.

dadLooking for Dad
At the cemetery—and the compost pile.
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The Case of the Pest-Proof Garden
No varmint could ever get in.
Then why . . . . ?

immigrantsGrowing Home
Many immigrants to the U.S. have only one way
to return . . . gardening.

A gardener’s favorite color.

dogThe Garden Dog
In this corner, Casey the Terrier. In the other,
Nettles Squirrlel, the Harrier.


. . . including . . .

Everything that slows us down and forces
patience, everything that sets us back into
the slow cycles of nature is a help.

—May Sarton

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