GreenPrints 072, Winter 2007-08

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Flowers Grow in a Garden, The Deer Solution (funny!), What’s Your Plant Type?, Hearing Plant Voices, GA (Gardeners Anonymous) . . . and more!




flowersgrowFlowers Grow in a Garden
My parents’s flower fight taught me about love.

deersolutionThe Deer Solution
Hot chili spray? Nope. Soap? Nope. Well, then . . . what?!
SPECIAL! Read this now!

Gardeners Anonymous
Did it cure my gardening addiction—or make it worse?

Staying Home
Why travel when I have a garden?

plantvoicesPlant Voices
How I finally learned to hear them.

Farmer for a Day
Mike McGrath learns a good lesson the hard way.

fernsOf Ferns and Acceptance
I kill with a touch
What I prune, trim, or mow.
As my boyfriend’s mom—
She’ll tell you so!

Bonding with Mandy
“Grandma, Grandma, the garden doesn’t work!”

dahliaWhat’s Your Plant Type?
Are you a soothing lavender? A finicky juniper? A clinging ivy? A . . ?

Things Fall Apart
Entropy vs. Gardening

Behind the Scenes
Jeff Taylor visits a gardening TV show.

Christmas Coffee Plant
Fertilized by . . . dimes?

prisongardeningPrison Gardening
Women who dig their way out.


. . . including . . .

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