GreenPrints 073, Spring 2008

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It’s Not About the Wages, The Spouse and I, Love in the Time of Butterflies, Best of Show, Nursery Tales, The Weirdness of Water, Reap What I Sow? . . . and more!




butterfliesLove in the Time of Butterflies
My own butterfly—my daughter—has finally found her home.

It’s Not About the Wages
My shocking discovery about the
therapeutic nature of gardening.

spouseandiThe Spouse and I
Gardening Wife vs. NonGardening Husband
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Chaos with Caleb
Garden with a two-year-old? Just try it!

sweetstinkerThe Sweetest Stinker
I woke up during the night, and he wasn’t there . . . because . . .

The Weirdness of Water
If not for something called the hydrogen bond,
our gardens wouln’t be here.
Neither would we.

tamaraTamara’s Flowers
A wedding, a funeral, and a seed packet.
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Reap What I Sow?
Not very often!

babieswarmKeeping the Babies Warm
Who cares about tomatoes? Just let me sleep!

Sacred Sugi
Replacing a foully felled Japanese cedar.

bestofshowBest of Show?
The—very serious—world of rose competitors.

A Memory of Marigolds
Mike McGrath remembers when he did something right!

A Fine and Private Place
Embraced by nature.

nurserytalesNursery Tales
How to makes customers happy
even if you don’t really know anything.


. . . including . . . 

budsbutterflyButterflies are not insects,
they are self-propelled flowers.

—Capt. John Sterling

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