GreenPrints 076, Winter 2008-2009

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atheistAtheists on My Houseplants!
The funny problems Master Gardeners face.

Winter Thyme
A mother, her small boy, and an herb in the snow.

dougalRemembering Dougal
How a garden helped a couple’s son agree to move.
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Rhymes with Squash
Mache helped me climb the garden career ladder.

Do gardens help stop global warming?

Down to Earth
My rock-climbing fall made me a gardener.

The Leaning Town of Peaches
Mike McGrath tussles with his peach trees.

Yard of the Month
I knew I’d win it. The question was when.

What’s a native garden without a native stump?
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Oranges at Christmas
With good reason, the fruit of the season.

A Happy Vintage
Remembering my dear garden friend, Orlando.

localkeyLiving on Local
Barbara Kingsolver and her family try to live for a year on food they either grew or bought locally. From the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

Letter to the Snowbirds
When swapping houses is NOT a good idea.


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Don’t judge each day
by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds
you plant.

—Robert Louis Stevenson

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