GreenPrints 077, Spring 2009

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Gardening’s Financial Crisis, Grandmother’s Massage Oil, Pigs and Calla Lilies Don’t Mix, A College Student Finds Roots, Aging and Gardening . . . and more!




tulipstycoonsTulips & Tycoons
Once gardening had its own financial crisis.

Cherry Blossoms
For a brief time, they change everything.

The Bean in the Cup
What Kirby really learned from his school science project.

lilacmomNot to Be Taken Internally
My grandmother’s lilac massage oil.
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The Stepping Stone Surprise
“Oh, you thought they were all . . . !”

Pigs and Calla Lilies
They don’t mix.

My Parable of the Mustard Greens
Looking for roots, a college student starts a garden.

Berries Sweeter Than Wine
How Mike McGrath won his bride with raspberries.

The Old Man and the Garden
Tending the gardener as well as a garden.

treeswallowsTree Swallows and Tomatoes
Can a bird’s return tell you when it’s safe to set out tomatoes?
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Sitting in the Garden
Learning how to be instead of do.

I Am the Alfalfa Tea Goddess
And my roses love me for it.

A Labor of Love
Why my father grew those special geraniums.

binocularsbeerBinoculars, Beers, and BBs
Birdwatching the manly way.

The Unmotivated Gardener
Ah, Spring, when an aging man’s thoughts turn to not wrenching his back.


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After all, I don’t see why I am always asking for

private, individual, selfish miracles when every year

there are miracles like white dogwood.

—Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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