GreenPrints 080, Winter 2009-10

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Winter Strawberries, The Great Rose Masacre, If Trees Could Speak, My (hurt) Big Toe, Don’t Mess With Gardeners . . . and more!




winterstrawberriesWinter Strawberries?
Under two feet of snow? The reason for a child’s faith.
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Mostoller Wild Goose Beans
Ever grow a seed that was originally found
in the crop of a goose . . . over 100 years ago?

rosemassacreThe Great Rose Massacre
Every one of them died. Every one of them lives.

If Trees Could Speak
Would we like what they say?

Return of the Yellowjackets
Mike McGrath makes peace with a pest.

SeedCatalog3A Seed Catalog Tale
Meet Kale Ripbor, sad suitor of Dancine Butterhead.

Boxes in Baltimore
Help! My housemate’s passion for gardening
is starting to rub off on me

IsabellaKeyTending Isabella
Sometimes the garden has to be neglected.

Whose Beans?
How did an American patent a bean
Mexican farmers have been growing for centuries?

bigtoe2My Big Toe
The perils of winter gardening in the desert.

Growing Pains
Gardening versus children? Not even close.

AprilTLAThe Lord’s Acre
We can help. We’re gardeners.

Don’t Mess with Gardeners
Real garden writers brood for a living.

winterbirdsWinter Flowers and Winter Birds
What I learned when I didn’t clean up my garden.


. . . including . . .

No poet I’ve ever heard of has written
an ode to a load of manure. Somebody should,
and I’m not trying to be funny.

—Ruth Stout

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