GreenPrints 082, Summer 2010

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patincornAlthough last issue—our 20th Anniversary Special—was, indeed, truly special (I can’t recommend it too highly), the more time I spend with this Summer Issue, the more I think it might be even better! Both thePat in Corn first and last stories are such wonderful reminders of what’s really important in life. So, too, are the tulip and bluebird pieces. There’s wonderfully gentle humor in the tomato and garden-girl stories. A perfect little moment in the green apple tale. And, frankly, the last line of the garden apocalypse story—that one sentence is worth the cost of the whole magazine.

And then there’s . . . and . . . and . . . hey, I told you that I’m fond of this one!

—Pat Stone, Editor


SeetheFlowersKeySee the Flowers
After a father’s tantrum, a mother gives her son
the lesson of his lifetiime.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

Gardens of the Apocalypse
Should we be planting “survival” gardens? (Really?)

tulipskeySaving the Tulips
It mattered so much to my mom.
Now it matters to me.

Success with Slugs
You, too, can have a bumper crop!

BluebirdsKey2Bluebirds in the Garden
The year I was the father to a nest of bluebirds.

My Winter Ladybug Story
Humorist Mike McGrath’s version of a summer tale.

Washing Greens
Gardeners and clotheslines (still) go together.

My $28,309.00 Tomato
All I did was reach into my tomato cage and . . . .

gardengirlskeyThe Garden Girls
Our own gardening business?
Why, that’ll be a sure way to get rich!

The Exploding Hose
I was trying to impress these girls.
Why were they giggling?

Drivel Over Dibbles
A device for poking a hole in a gardener’s wallet.

Just Me and J.C.
Who did make Grandmother’s garden so beautiful?

Sun Porch

What Uncle Arthur taught me about death
—and life.


. . . including . . .

It is not enough
for the gardener to love flowers.
He must also hate weeds.


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