GreenPrints 084, Winter 2010-11

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My Garden Saved My Cat(!), Ladybug Pets, A Just-Rediscovered Garden Classic, The Threat of Garden Gnomes, How Gardening Gave Me a Return to Happiness, In Search of Home—and Spring . . . and more!




searchhopeIn Search of Hope
A little girl and her father go hunting for it.
SPECIAL! Read this story now!

Down South & Downhearted
Good luck growing lawngrass—in Florida!

How our garden saved our cat.
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Garden Gnome: Friend . . . or Fiend?
Beware! Those chaming little statues may be out to get us.

Mike McGrath Vs. The Thing
The Garden Pest Godzilla

return Return to Happiness
What Adelaide—and gardening—gave me.

Love them or hate them?

Travails of a Tree Planter
My mother made me move my mango.

lavenderFred C. Boutin Lavender
Planting a border of lavender does make an impact—
on your back!

The Garden Parade
Directing my own beauty pagent—in the garden.

Timmy and the Palm Tree
A special child. A special plant.

ladybugLadybug Wrangling
My winter pastime? Mangaging my ladybug beetle herd.

The Escargot That Wouldn’t Go
Someone was bringing my snails back!

gardendoctor My Garden Doctor
An excerpt from an almost completely unknown garden classic.


. . . including . . .

Only with winter-patience
can we bring the deep-desired,
long-awaited spring.

—Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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